bake - March 2018 - PAN42


Sonora Bakery
More than three decades ago, Hector and Theresa
Oratowski came to Southern California from Argentina
with their three children and a dream to make a difference
in the baking world. Within a year, they found a small
store for sale on East Whittier Boulevard in Los Angeles,
and in 1986 opened Sonora Bakery, which they named
after the "most beautiful desert" in Mexico, according
to Theresa. From these humble beginnings, Sonora
Bakery has risen to become one of the most successful
retail/wholesale bakeries in Southern California, with 60
employees between both operations.

Sonora Bakery
4484 East Whittier Boulevard; Los Angeles, California 90022;
(323) 269-2253; Denis Oratowski; President


"I always say that I don't have employees. I have family
members," says Denis Oratowski, who is the president
of the company and is the son of Hector and Theresa.
"Most of our people have been here a very long time. At
the end of the day, we understand the concept that for
each person who works here, there are four or five more
people who count on them."
Raquel Acuña, who is vice president of administration
and has worked for the company for 22 years, points out
that the bakery has never laid off an employee. Even if
there are slower times of work during the year, "that family


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