bake - March 2018 - PAN41


mother and father to create distinctive pastries, starting
with phyllo dough made by hand.
"You can't fake good quality," Melvyn Jr. says. "All
that labor of love comes out when you make it by hand.
It's labor intensive, but it really shows in the quality. We
really wanted to go away from market-style cakes. We
really, really try to make sure our quality line is better."
He points out that BakeMark plays an influential
role in helping them create uniquely flavored pastries
and cakes that their customers love. "BakeMark has been
great," Melvyn Jr. says. "They have always helped us out.
BakeMark provides the base for great taste and we add
our own flair to it all."
Miguel adds that America is amidst a resurgence in

appreciation and interest in hand-crafted foods. "Quality
is really making a resurgence," he says. "People want craft
and quality. It's worth it to them to pay a little more.
And food fusion has a taken on a new contemporary
presentation of traditional items."
On the bakery side, another unique item is called
the Florentina. "We had gone to a BakeMark class
where they made a little Florentine biscuit and added
fresh fruit to it. We decided to make a large version.
We buy the Florentine paste from BakeMark and make
a large tostada shell and put an eight-inch Cubanstyle sponge cake inside of it. Then we make our own
Bavarian crème and cover it with whipped cream and
top it with fresh fruit."





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