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"It's important to introduce different variations of
flavors," Melvyn Madrazo Jr. says. "You have a great
product, but people get bored."
Another traditional item with a twist on the menu
is the spinach artichoke potato ball. "They sell like hot
cakes," he says. "People like these nuances. People are
really willing to pay for them now, as long as it's quality
and original."
One perfect example is the Tropicana Bowl, a menu
item at the bakery café that is made with plantains,
black beans, shredded spinach, diced avocados and
whole grain rice.
Having fresh California-grown strawberries
and avocados available to them year-round enables
Tropicana Bakery to present a new approach to
foodservice offerings.
seven per cent of consumers would consider eating
these snacks during the afternoon, while 60% said the
same for the evening. The number dips to 44% when
consumers consider late-night snacking.
"While it's not staggering that millennials are more
likely than any other generation to consider ordering
these types of snacks during all times of the day, there
are some interesting demographic variances between
Gen Zers and Gen Xers," the report said.
Gen Z consumers (those born between 1993 and
1999) are more likely to find regional Hispanic snacks
appealing during the morning and late-night hours,
while Gen X consumers (born between 1966 and 1976)
"We've incorporated traditional Cuban foods
with more California ingredients and non-traditional
presentation," Madrazo says.
According to the Techonmic report, "as diners
increasingly demand to know the influences behind the
foods they're eating and request more varied Latin foods
and flavors, regional Hispanic snacks will further gain
ground at restaurants."
Nearly half of consumers find regional Hispanic
snacks appealing, the study found, and 48% said they
would like to see more of these offerings on restaurants
menus. Key demographics showing interest in Hispanic
snacks are millennials (63%) and Westerners (51%).
Time of day contributes greatly to consumer
interest in regional Hispanic snacks, the companies said.
Only 3 in 10 said they would order regional Hispanic
snacks in the morning, but interest gradually increases
throughout the day, peaking during the evening. FiftyMARCH 18





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