bake - March 2018 - PAN36

the Convenience
Consumer interest in authentic ethnic foods,
snacking and transparency has positioned regional
Hispanic snacks for rapid growth on menus, according
to a new Technomic report.
"We have noticed a big rise in orders of mini breads
for parties or gatherings," says Gabriella Blanco, whose
father, Benjamin, and his brother, Jesus, run Panadería
La Colmena #2 in Sun Valley, California.
Panadería Maria in Fontana, California, makes
signature specialties that are not available anywhere
else in the area. One example is called cacahuates,
which are peanut-shaped cookies filled with a mixture
of margarine and sugar in the middle.
Denis Oratowski, president of Sonora Bakery
in Los Angeles, says that his bakery's customers
increasingly are looking for convenience foods that





are available in takeout packaging.
"We are downsizing portion sizes and offering
clamshells of different cookies and desserts, flans and
cheesecakes," he says. "We have a lot of to-go packages
and we have a large lunch menu. We also make fresh
On the sandwich menu of Tropicana Bakery &
Cuban Café in Downey, California, the bakery café
serves a grilled flank steak sandwich on whole wheat
bread with spinach leaves and avocado.
Another great example of this fusion approach
involves traditional Napoleans, a classic French dessert
that Tropicana makes with several twists. They make
a Cuban version of Napoleon with vanilla custard and
lemon meringue, in addition to another version of this
dessert with tiramisu.


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