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great platform to show your original work," Hardman
says. "If writing isn't your thing, try a video blog. Video
is the most engaging content you can put online. Let
your story do the talking."
An example of how a bakery shares its great history
with customers is Tropicana Bakery & Cuban Café in
Los Angeles. Clients have responded to their family
history and their passion for the business by posting
positive comments on social networks.
Tropicana Bakery & Cuban Café was created in
1999 and is owned and operated by the Madrazo Family,
including Melvyn Sr. (father), Adela (mother), Miguel
(son), Albert (son), and Melvyn Jr. (son).  Each family
member has contributed in their own unique way to
the design, implementation, and operation of Tropicana
Bakery & Cuban Cafe's sweet tradition.
However, Tropicana is more than just a Cuban
bakery café.  The other aspect is directly related to
Adela, who is originally from Mexico and fondly
remembers drinking Mexican hot chocolate with her
pan dulce.  The tradition of gathering with the family
in a clean and orderly hacienda and having a social
moment to enjoy Mexican hot chocolate and pan dulce
is a special memory that she wanted to recreate. Both
Melvyn Sr. and Adela introduced traditional recipes
from their respective native homelands.
Miguel Madrazo adds that America is amidst
a resurgence in appreciation and interest in handcrafted foods. "Quality is really making a resurgence,"
he says. "People want craft and quality. It's worth it
to them to pay a little more. And food fusion has
a taken on a new contemporary presentation of
traditional items."
"Here in Southern California, the foodie is such a
prevalent thing. If you're blah, people don't go there
anymore," Melvyn Jr. says. "But the more you have
quality product, the more they blog about you. Foodies
really like to talk about you, so you can't do the same
thing over and over again. Making things right then and
there is important."
The key is meeting your customers where they
are in their journey of discovery and providing
content that is compelling to them. Try different
social media strategies to uncover where your
customers are following.
"People want to know: What are your habits? Their
(the bakers) days so different than ours. That's what
makes it so interesting," Hardman says.





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