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"Bakeries are very welcoming
places. We see hot beverage
corners (inside retail shops)
that are very successful."
Dominique Renault, director of business operations and development for


Cafés Richard

Combine with edible chocolate, Choc.o.laté is a liquid
chocolate concentrate to drink that captures the spirit
of chocolate: an irresistible taste, combined with a
velvety and generous texture.

additional margins for the bakeries at the end of the day,"
Renault says.
Thierry Bouvier, master baker and founder of My By Thierry
Bouvier, says bakery owners must leverage the coffee opportunity and start by asking yourself one essential question.
"If you really want to have customers all day long, you need to
offer these products, starting with coffee in the morning," he
says. "In the afternoon, we're a tea salon with lunch and snacks.
Our second location has become a true restaurant - 70% of

Ready to use, it can be consumed hot and concentrated,
like a "chocolate espresso," but it can also be
supplemented with milk.
Choc.o.laté is a Van Houten creation. It's a quality
guarantee and respect for tradition recognized by
professionals, exclusively distributed by Cafés Richard
for out-of-home consumption.

our sales are food."
At his bakery in Rennes, France, coffee is mainly a takeaway
offering, as many customers buy a coffee and croissant to
go. At their other location, hot beverages are a core business
featuring branded, premium coffee, tea and hot cocoa. They
make their own chocolate.
"We are trying to come up with new products on a regular
basis," Bouvier says. "We're not just doing breakfast anymore.
We offer snacks with hot or cold beverages."
Bouvier says that using automated coffee machines enables
their team to manage production better and have regularity in
the products they offer.
He also points out there is another important opportunity for
premium service to offices. "We are now delivering breakfasts
to offices with a viennoiserie and coffee package for meetings.
Having a delivery offer for breakfast is very important."
It's equally important to advertise your specials, the panelists
agreed. "If it's not seen, it's not taken. Everything has to be
smart and classy."

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Bolthouse Farms, a leading refrigerated beverage,
dressing and produce company, announces the
introduction of Bolthouse Farms "B" line of products, a
new beverage platform of lower sugar, super-premium
refrigerated beverages.
The better-for-you Bolthouse Farms B Strong protein
shakes and Bolthouse Farms B Balanced smoothies
deliver delicious taste and texture with nutritional
benefits including protein and at least 50% less sugar. 
Furthering the company's mission to Inspire the
Fresh Revolution, Bolthouse Farms is also adding
more culinary variety to their existing refrigerated
dressing lineup with three new organic and two new
conventional dressings.
"We're committed to creating more great tasting and
nutritious options to support consumers' evolving
lifestyles and nutritional needs," says Todd Putman,
general manager of C-Fresh.

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