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create an offer on all times of the day." Today, the emphasis is
not only on selling bread, but also incorporating it as a component of the broader meal experience, said Pascal Cantenot,
chief executive officer of La Paniere, Aix le Bains, France.
"Bread is still being eaten, but differently and more as part of a
sandwich," he said.
La Paniere runs a central bakery that supplies a couple dozen
retail shops in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, according to
its web site. In addition to takeout pastries and other baked
foods, Cantenot noted the stores also offer full breakfast menus
and in-between meal snacks.
"More people are eating breakfast away from home, and they
also tend to want a snack late in the afternoon," he said.
Cantenot noted a greater number of French people are buying
more bread and viennoiserie in the late afternoon or after work
for dinner, then saving some of it as they race out of the house
the next morning. "That's a big change," he said.
Moreover, he suggested the movement toward snacking between
meals continues to expand exponentially. "This (increase in
snacking) is clearly a growing trend," Cantenot added.

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Another presenter, Giuliana Mannucci, founder of RosebyMary
in Milan, went from operating a bakery to running a restaurantstyle business to expand beyond breakfast and lunch and into
the dinner-eating occasion. "We still make bread, though," she
said. In fact, bread, pastries and other baked products account
for about 45% of the company's volume.
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