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wedding vendors (25 percent vs. 13 percent); and create a
Pinterest board with wedding inspiration (25 percent vs. 13
Further, couples are becoming experts in combining timehonored traditions with highly personalized elements to ensure
their weddings feel like a reflection of themselves. Most couples
share a slice of something sweet with a cake-cutting ceremony
(84 percent), while 50 percent incorporate a theme into their
celebration decor.
Seventy-one percent of couples get married between May and
October, with fall becoming an increasingly popular time for
On average, couples in the United States spend nearly $30,000
on wedding ceremony and reception costs, and yet determining how to budget for the various vendors and services
involved often feels like an overwhelming challenge.
By providing realistic costs for everything from the photographer to the wedding cake, as well as information on sometimes unforeseen or not-included costs that can impact a
budget, WeddingWire offers financial insight and education
to couples as they start making decisions about their big day.
With this new resource, couples and their families can feel
more confident and validated in vendor choices that may
impact their bottom line. Once couples are armed with more
knowledge, they can easily search and filter by price point in
WeddingWire's comprehensive vendor directory which features
over 200,000 local wedding professionals across the U.S.
WeddingWire also presents engaged couples with an additional resource by bringing to light wedding date data on the
most popular dates, as well as important events and holidays.
Guest expectations
The group's most recent Wedding Guest Survey reveals what
matters most to wedding guests, how much they spend to
attend wedding celebrations, their biggest pet peeves and
more. The survey asked more than 900 people of varying
ages and relationship statuses from across the U.S. about their
recent experiences as a wedding guest.
On average, guests spend between $665 and $1,065 to attend
a wedding, with additional gifts for the bridal shower or

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