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help consumers distinguish whole grain products
from those with misleading claims.
* Establish a quantitative, science-based whole
grain intake recommendation and document the
health and economic benefits that would result
from adopting this recommendation. Use this
information to motivate governments and international food authorities to incorporate whole
grains into dietary guidelines and promote their
* Document the carbon footprint of whole grains,

Six international working groups already have been

Chefs conducted ongo-

established to carry out the goals agreed to in Vienna.

ing product demonstra-

compared with other dietary choices, in the

tions at the Wellbeing &

context of growing world populations and climate

The groups will spend the next two years collabo-


rating as part of the "Whole Grain Initiative" and

Health Lab.


will interact with the World Health Organization, the
* Form strong public-private partnerships to

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

develop campaigns to encourage whole grain

Nations, the European Food Safety Agency and other

consumption and to increase the variety, avail-

consortia and food authorities as part of the plan. The

ability and desirability of whole grain foods.

Oldways Whole Grains Council will be participating.


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