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"If you go to a German bakery, the selection is

Incorporating more whole grains into the diet may do

extraordinary," he says. "I see more crusty breads, and

more for health than steps taken to reduce sodium,

edition to Europain, ad-

that segment is very much on the rise in many coun-

eliminate trans fats or cut sugar-sweetened bever-

dressing health, quality

tries. The croissant is also very trendy. It is following

ages, the researchers noted.

The Wellbeing and
Health Lab was a new

and authenticity.

crusty breads, and that is good."
The research from the Institute for Health Metrics and
There is a multiplicity of segments, and the challenge

Evaluation was presented during the keynote address

for bakers is to adapt to a broader range of demands

at the Whole Grain Summit. More than 200 scientists


from 36 countries participating in the Whole Grain
Summit worked to draft a two-year global action plan

Lesaffre has 38 baking centers worldwide to create

to increase whole grain consumption.

breads of the future, Baule says.
"Worldwide, cereals provide nearly 50% of energy
"Go - try the adventure," he exclaims as a passionate

intake," said Fred Brouns, scientific chair of the Whole

plea to bakers. "Our baking centers are here to help."

Grain Summit. "Yet the vast majority of these foods
are composed of refined grains and flours. Research

Examining whole grains

shows that health benefits from whole grains are

New data revealed during the Whole Grain Summit

associated with replacing as little as two servings of

in Vienna in November reveal that replacing refined

refined grain/flour foods with whole grain foods."

grains with whole grains globally could reduce the
burden of chronic disease more than any other

Researchers participating in the Whole Grain Summit


said numerous studies dating back more than two
decades show a positive link between consumption of
whole grain foods and several health issues, including

Michel Suas, founder of the San Francisco Baking Institute

lower mortality risk and reduced risk of developing
type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and
bowel cancer.
Academics, non-profit organizations, government
policymakers and industry, working together at the
Whole Grain Summit, identified key goals and action
points which aim to do the following:
* Reach a consensus on a global whole grain definition, to support clear product labeling that will

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"If it doesn't taste good,
don't do it. Those types
of breads are worst
to consume if not
made properly."

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