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"The coffee shop market is benefiting from shifting

feature new brewing methods and flavors, according

consumer interest in more premium, albeit pricier,

to the reports. Since coffee remains deep-rooted in

coffee drinks such as specialty coffees, cold brew

consumers' daily consumption habits, operators are

coffee and third wave coffee. However, the number

innovating more around this beverage than ever before

of new coffee shops hitting the US market is slowing,

to broaden appeal and increase traffic.

indicating sales growth is coming from increased
consumer expenditure on these more expensive

What to expect next

beverages rather than unit growth and expansion,"

US foodservice industry growth may be slow, but

said Caleb Bryant, senior foodservice analyst at

there are certain changes taking place that will help to

Mintel. "We expect to see coffee shop sales continue

move the industry in a positive direction, says The NPD

on an upward trajectory over the next five years."
Valuable insights applicable to the bakery cafe
segment can be gleaned from new reports from a
collaboration between The J.M. Smucker Company
and Technomic, which are designed to provide the
latest consumer and trend insights.
With regard to coffee, it is valuable to recognize that
traditional coffee is the most purchased coffee type
Artisan bread bakers
are crafting breads
that are full of flavor.

among consumers today. However, more individuals
are also showing interest in seeing a greater variety of
coffees at foodservice locations, including those that

"Our goal is to delight
our customers with a
wide range of
products - some
are healthful and
some are indulgent."
Amy Scherber, owner and founder of Amy's Bread

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