bake - March 2018 - 21

In France, "one in
four (dining out)
visits are to a bakery
or sandwich store."
Maria Bertoch, foodservice industry expert for NPD

On the savory side, their signature Tropicana Bowl is
made with plantains, black beans, shredded spinach,
diced avocados and whole grain rice.
"We've incorporated traditional Cuban foods with
more California ingredients and non-traditional
presentation," Madrazo says.
In addition, they chose to work with a local roaster
to create their own distinctive coffee blend. "A lot
of Cubans put a lot of sugar in their coffee, but we
decided to go with a great coffee that you don't have
to smother in sugar. We had a mindset and willingness to explore new ideas. We started experimenting
with Latin American coffee beans and came up with
our own coffee. We were going for a unique micro
roasterie with Latin American coffee served Cubanespresso style."
The coffee factor
Beverages continue to be a driving force for bakery
cafes because of surging demand for the coffeehouse
As one bakery café owner and speaker at Europain
pointed out, "it's easy to increase revenues by 10% to
15% with a coffee machine. For business purposes,
these coffee drinks are high margin items."
New research from Mintel reveals the US coffee house
market continues to experience healthy growth with
sales reaching an estimated $23.4 billion in 2017, a
growth of 41 percent from 2011.
Mintel forecasts coffee house sales will reach $28.7
billion by 2021. The boom in new coffee shops
entering the market is cooling down. | MAR 2018 > 21

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