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Ethnic flavors are
inspiring bakers
and chefs to create
distinctive foods.

order sandwiches or meals online and then pick them

marinade that contained both Mexican seasonings

up at a nearby bakery/cafe. Bertoch said it's most

and Cuban citrus-style mojo. It was this Madrazo

popular in Great Britain, where many time-pressed

marinade that formed the signature dish at Los

workers only get 30 minutes for lunch. She called

Pollos. From the outset, Melvyn's vast experience

France an "untapped market" because only about 3%

as part owner and vice president of production for

of the population orders online.

a large emblem manufacturing business with over
300 employees served the family business well. Los

"Digital will probably be a big revolution in the

Pollos was a success, and growth was soon to follow

future," she said.

with the opening of multiple locations.

The Hispanic influence

"The chicken is incredibly good," said Miguel Madrazo,

In Southern California and across America, Hispanic

who is one of three sons helping manage the family

culinary traditions are having a profound impact on

business. "The underlying theme is a cross cultural

the landscape of the bakery cafe sector.

fusion of flavors: both Mexican and Cuban."

"Ethnic foods and ingredients are now becoming

The same quality-first principles were applied to the

mainstays on menus, none more so than from Latin

bakery products offered at Tropicana Bakery & Cuban

countries," according to a new Technomic report. "But


more and more, operators are looking to the next new
Latin ingredients to add to menus."

Miguel Madrazo points out that America is in the
midst of a resurgence in appreciation and interest in

Prior to opening Tropicana Bakery & Cuban Café in

hand-crafted foods. "Quality is really making a resur-

1999 in Los Angeles, Melvyn Madrazo Sr. introduced

gence," he said. "People want craft and quality. It's

the idea of a restaurant that would serve rotisserie

worth it to them to pay a little more. And food fusion

chicken that would be prepared both Cuban-style

has a taken on a new contemporary presentation of

and Mexican-style. After discussing the idea with his

traditional items."

wife and children, the beginning of a long-term family
collaboration began.

One example of this fusion approach involves traditional
Napoleans, a classic French dessert that Tropicana

The Madrazo family business evolution began with

makes with several twists. They make a Cuban version

the creation of Los Pollos, a restaurant that opened

of Napoleon with vanilla custard and lemon meringue,

in the early 1990s. The Madrazos created a unique

in addition to another version with tiramisu.

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