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Some cake decorators are making their own
fondant recipes, but using ready-to-roll fondant
can save on prep time. Fondant allows you to
get right to decorating without sacrificing taste
or quality.
Satin Ice offers the following basic tips to help
cake decorators when working with fondant:
x Make sure your surface tools and hands are
clean and dry
x Work fast to keep fondant pliable.
x Wrap and seal fondant that's not in use.
x Don't forget to knead; fondant will become
softer and more pliable as you knead it
x Use shortening, cornstarch or confectioners'
sugar to make a non-stick surface.
x Roll out fondant to about 1/8-inch thick.
x Use a firm cake mix and avoid ultra-moist.
x Store fondant at room temperature (but
put chocolate in the fridge).
x Crumb-coat your cake and
chill in the fridge.

Baby's breath
is affordable
and looks great
in big bunches.

Let them
with their
Available from Puratos, bakers can
use Carat Compound Chips to add a
chocolaty surprise inside of finished
products, or use delicious Carat Hard
& Soft Compound Coatings, available
in dark, milk and white. Bakers and
pastry chefs alike can flavor dough or
mousse with Carat for a rich chocolate
taste. Carat is Puratos' premium line of
compound coatings and chips. Products
in this easy-to-use, rich and delicious
range are made with 100% sustainable

and great tasting ingredients.
In2food offers a wide variety of
decorative toppings and even printed
chocolates. Adding toppings such as cocoa nibs can add to the gourmet appeal
of your product lines, and is a sure way
to boost profitability.
Chef Marc Seaman of Barry Callebaut
suggests creative ways to use Callebaut
Crispearls that enable you to add a
"remarkably seductive chocolate touch"
to your pastries, desserts and pralines,

according to Callebaut. "Pipe a series of
beads to resemble a string of pearls or
fill a mini chocolate bowl with mousse
and top with crunchy
texture. These are
ways you can make
your products look
upscale without
having to worry
about adding




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