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Chocolate manufacturers push the
industry forward with new products that
enable bakers and pastry chefs to elevate their cakes and cupcakes, enabling
your operation to command a premium
price. Ready-made products certainly
can increase your productivity.
Barry Callebaut offers the Mona Lisa
line of premium chocolate cups and
cake/cupcake decorations, and Mona
Lisa is excited to announce the launch
of their newest cup, the heart bonbon.



A white cake
is a canvas for


This premium 63% dark chocolate cup
is perfect for Mother's Day or any other
special time of the year.
Typically, consumers are willing to
spend more on customized chocolate
treats. Recent trends are shifting away
from the traditional Valentine's dinner at
a restaurant and more toward a personalized celebration at home. Special
sweet products can help spur higher
purchases, according to the National
Retail Federation.

All new Cannolo Wafers from
ifiGOURMET are ready to fill and
decorate. Exceptional ingredients and
time-tested recipes ensure that your
customers will appreciate the quality of
the products.
Dobla features new innovative ways
to turn concepts into reality. One
creative idea involves using new Dobla
Mooncake Cups, which can be filled
with unique flavors like mandarin yuzu
filling - very on-trend.

Africa Studio/ , Pacharawan, Hank Shiffman/, ©antonel -, Barry Callebaut

Expect bold trends for spring weddings in
2018, according to The Knot's annual report, including passed cake bites and the revival of a seriously
budget-friendly flower: baby's breath.
Hand-painted confections are a top trend. White
wedding cakes have become a canvas for personalization, and hand-painting is a popular way to add a
bespoke touch. Not only is the design on the outside
important, but creating a flavorful bite like no other
is totally on trend. 
"Let's face it - by the time the cake is cut, everyone is on the dance floor. So, bring the cake to
them," says Madison Lee of Madison Lee's Cakes in
New York City. Bakers are advised to prepare bitesize pieces to be passed while guests get down. 
As for flavor trends, The Knot survey says "step
aside chocolate and vanilla. New flavors like cookies
and cream, confetti and exotic pairings (think: bourbon and mocha) are taking center stage with fillings
and frostings."


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