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Supplement cake
sales by thinking
outside the box

"It's the same still and sometimes you're even looking at
higher margin items in those other categories. If you focus on
complaining that the cake business isn't there, you're probably
not going to increase your sales. But you will by adding new
products and new options."

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says, you might have to be prepared to go easy on the cakes.
"Right now people are not buying as many cakes as they
have in the past," she says. "We're doing a lot of cupcakes.
We're trying to figure out new designs to incorporate more
options with cupcakes for graduation parties and events.
Really, anything we can do to use them right now is important,
because that's what people are looking for. They're not necessarily looking for cakes."
Options that Cold Spring Bakery have used are decorating
cupcakes and arranging them in the shape of a cross for Easter,
or for the influx of first communion cakes Schurman says her
business sees in the spring. Or cupcakes and a sheet cake can
be combined in a design; the sheet cake decorated to look like a
stained-glass window and the cupcakes arranged in a shape.
"We're also trying to figure out if there are other kinds of
desserts that can be incorporated," she says. "Not all graduation parties are doing cakes anymore. They're looking for
other options and we try to come up with new ideas, whether
it's using cookies, brownies or anything like that."
For graduation parties, consumers are looking for unique
ideas like ice cream sundae bars, bowls of candies in the
school's colors and more, all of which can be incorporated to
boost cake sales.
LaMott says a cost-effective way to respond to these current
trends to by adding trendy details and style to desserts that
don't require a lot of time for decorating.
"Pre-made edible decorations are a great solution," she says.
"Lucks is always studying and updating our seasonal decorations to inspire decorators year
after year. Our wholesale products are easy to apply and look
great on social media."
Regardless, Schurman says,
there are seasons when bakers
need to admit that cakes alone
might not be the most profitable option.
"People have to look at other
options. I heard somebody
complaining because their cake
business is down and asking
what they can do to improve
it," she says. "My whole thing to
other bakers is to look beyond
cakes to increase your business.
Decorate everything out. Decorate donuts, brownies whatever
you can.


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