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he spring cake season can come out of nowhere. The
madness of the winter holiday season subsides and is
followed, in many regions, by a cold spell that drive shoppers
in doors with no reason to purchase cakes.
And then, as suddenly as the trees begin to bloom, the rush
is on for graduation parties, Mother's Day, Easter, first communions and more.
That's why it's important to use the slow winter months to
plan ahead, says Lynn Schurman, owner of Cold Spring Bakery in Cold Spring, Minnesota.
"We use this time of year to plan out what we're going to
sell and then we come up with designs that we're going to do,"
Schurman says. "We do the prototypes, get pictures, send the

marketing out so that we've got designs that are fast and easy
to do and everybody knows what their options are versus our
decorators having to stop and think 'OK, how should I decorate this cake?' it makes it much faster taking orders."
Schurman says Cold Spring Bakery usually comes up with
six to 12 new designs for most seasons, but will increase that
for the spring, which consumers seem to want more options.
Designs are created, dummies are made, and photos are taken
for consumers and for the company's supermarket customers.
Throwing another wrench into the process this year is the
relative early April 1 date for Easter.
"With Eastern being earlier, we're having to work on some
of these ideas sooner than we usually plan on," Schurman

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