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Sweetie Pie Collection
Norman Love has built his career on the premise that

Those efforts are easily apparent in such products as the

consumers are looking for chocolates and sweets that not

company's latest confections, the Sweetie Pie Collection. These

only taste great but also stand out from the norm. Founding

heart-shaped Valentine's Day gift boxes feature "sweetie pies,"

Norman Love Confections in 2001, he set out to create the

chocolates based on beloved pie flavors: Apple Pie, Banana

best ultra-premium chocolates in the nation. His quality work

Cream, Cherry, Coconut Cream, French Silk, Grasshopper,

has been reflected in praise from a variety of sources such as

Lemon Meringue, Peanut Butter, Pecan and Pumpkin. Each

Forbes, Huffington Post, USA Today and many more.

of these flavors was carefully crafted to embody the pie from
which they're based.

The man who was recently named as the inaugural inductee of
Dessert Professional magazine's Chocolatier Hall of Fame has

"Every year, our team collaborates to come up with themes for

a lengthy dessert-making career that included stops in France

each season. For Valentine's Day, we created flavor profiles that

to learn from top pastry makers, as well as at The Ritz-Carlton,

match recognizable American pies and then converted them

where he served as corporate executive pastry chef.

into confections. We want to create flavors that bring you back
to your childhood or to recognizable comfort foods," Love says.

around the world opening hotels, Love chose to pursue a new

Norman Love Confections' 2018 Valentine's Day Collection

venture. He started making chocolates out of an office and

is available January 29 through February 14 online and at its

selling to some friends in his area. He quickly gained fame for

chocolate salons in Florida. They come in 10-pieces for $27,

them, and the business blossomed from there.

24-pieces for $55 and 50-pieces for $105.

Today, Norman Love Confections has two factories, four retail

The company also produces and ships naked cakes. Naked

stores and massive e-commerce business. The company produces

Love Cakes was launched a little over a year ago, perfecting

over 6 million pieces of chocolate annually, and a significant

the bakery trend that has taken off in recent years. They come

portion of that happens during the Valentine's Day season.

in six flavors including Carrot Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter,
Coconut, Lemon Raspberry, Ultimate Chocolate and Vanilla

"You have to be careful in life what you wish for, sometimes

Confetti. They put the traditional layer cake's inner beauty on

those wishes come true," Love jokes about the hard work that

display and give customers the flavors that they enjoy, through

goes into running such a busy company.

perfection and not reinvention.

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After spending many years with Ritz-Carlton and traveling

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