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From chocolate to coffee to confections,
sustainability gains ground globally.
Sustainability 2017: Connecting Benefits With Values

* Lift more than 500,000 cocoa farmers out of

Through Purposeful Consumption, reveals that nearly

* Eradicate child labor from its supply chain.

70 percent of 1,500 US adult consumers surveyed

* Become carbon and forest positive.

expressed a desire for more transparency from

* Have 100 percent sustainable ingredients in all

companies about their sustainability practices.

its products.

In the chocolate sector, Barry Callebaut recently

"Forever Chocolate requires a systemic change, a new

published the first Forever Chocolate progress report.

approach to cocoa farming that not only profession-

A year ago, Barry Callebaut launched its new sustain-

alizes farmers but also generates social and environ-

ability strategy, "Forever Chocolate," with the ambi-

mental benefits to cocoa farming communities," says

tion of moving sustainable chocolate from niche to

Antoine de Saint-Affrique, chief executive officer of

norm by 2025. The plan is based on four ambitious

the Barry Callebaut Group. "If we cannot resolve the

targets that address the largest sustainability chal-

issue of cocoa farmer poverty, we will not reach our

lenges in the chocolate supply chain.

other targets."

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According to the Hartman Group, a new report,

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