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Heat to design and build a new

Est. 1993

oven. The result is a dramatic 6-footwide, 10-foot-deep oven that uses a
mechanical loader, burns less firewood and can easily bake 600 loaves
from a single firing. 
They added a mechanical loader to
improve efficiency ("Yesterday, we
baked 600 loaves in 4 hours, 50

Vermont Redeemer: Stoneground
Vermont wheat flour, sea salt,
sourdough, yeast
Anadama Bread: Organic stoneground
wheat flour, organic stoneground
cornmeal, maple syrup, sea salt, yeast

minutes - that's a record," Blair says),
and they start each baking cycle by

Gum Paste Flowers

filling the oven with sheet trays of
water-soaked towels for steam.
"I can now vent so much steam that
we are able to get a depth of caramelization," she adds.
They wanted to avoid the reputation

Thornhill Rye: organic stoneground
wheat flour, organic stoneground rye,
sea salt, sourdough
Baguette: Organic stoneground
wheat flour, sea salt, yeast
Country French: Organic
stoneground wheat flour, organic
stoneground rye, sea salt, sourdough

of wood-fired bread as being "dense
and pale," and they successfully
produce wonderful breads with open
crumb structure and tons of flavor.
"We wanted the historical tradition

Icing, Cookie & Cupcake Decorations

and pair it with modern sensibility
and technology," Heyn says. "Having

Foagies (Focaccia- Hoagies): 
Organic wheat flour, extra virgin
olive oil, sea salt, yeast
Maple Cinnamon Raisin: Organic
stoneground wheat flour, organic
stoneground rye, raisins, maple,
cinnamon, sea salt, yeast

the mechanical loader allows us to
Décor, Mystical & Razzle Dazzle Powders
FDA Approved "Crystal Color Dusts"

have higher steam retention."
There are three doors to the oven,

Rosemary Olive Oil: Organic
stoneground wheat flour, extra virgin
olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, yeast

and behind each the baking breads
are at different levels of doneness.

"It's a very efficient bake," Blair says,
"because you are always in rotation."
The irony is that, much like the breads
baking in the ovens every day at
Elmore Mountain Bread, the lives of
these two bakery owners are always

Edible Isomalt Gems

Come visit us
at Booth 612
at the ABE April
8-9, 2018

Foil Cake

in rotation. Their daily rituals have
become more complex in the past few

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Seven Grain: Organic stoneground
wheat flour, organic seven-grain
blend (cracked wheat, cracked rye,
cracked barley, corn grits, steel cutoats, millet and flax seed), sea salt,

years, and they love every minute.
"If we can prove the model works


Rustic Spelt Ciabatta: Organic
stoneground wheat flour, organic
stoneground spelt, sea salt, yeast

here, it can happen anywhere," Blair
says with great enthusiasm.

Stoneground Polenta Ciabatta:
organic stoneground wheat flour,
organic stoneground corn and extra
virgin olive oil, yeast http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/AVALONDECO

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