bake - February 2018 - 29

use it fresh, you capture that before it's gone.
In these varieties, the taste is more intense."
Andrew and Blair also depend on natural
sourdough or small amounts of yeast in
their breads. They maintain the tradition of
using long fermentation to improve overall
flavor and quality. Each loaf is handmade and
attended to from start to finish - a 16-hour
"Most of what we use is 12% protein or under,"
Heyn says. "We used to temper our wheat,
tempering it with 2-3% water for 12 hours.
When we moved up to bigger granite stones
for milling, we don't need to temper grain."
After five years of hard work starting their
bakery, their original wood-fired oven began
showing signs of age, so the couple enlisted
William Davenport of Turtlerock Masonry

The Baker's Choice.
The all-round artisan deck oven.
Your next MIWE condo:
Perfect for the complete range of baked goods
including breads, pastries, pizzas
Various sizes to choose from to hold one, two,
three or 4 pans capacity
Simple and easy to operate
Quick and easy to clean

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