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Building a growth business model
Chang was early to recognize the importance of an
inclusive mentality to product development, by creating
products for customers with dietary restrictions. "We
have made sure to mark our menu items: vegan, nut
free, gluten free, low sugar, etc., to respond to guests
who have various allergies. We are not a gluten- or nutfree facility, but we do take care not to cross contaminate with baking parchment and utensils."
As the co-owner of Flour and Myers+Chang, her main
responsibilities are to help her team in their jobs in
making Flour/Myers + Chang strong and to anticipate
the future and prepare for growth. "In other words, I
focus on ensuring that we are making awesome food,
offering warm welcoming service, running an healthy
business and making Flour/M+C a great place for
both staff and guests," she says.
Vegan carrot ginger muffins are made with 100% khorasan flour.

Christopher Myers, Chang's husband and business
whole grain flour is not a 1:1 ratio. We use weight instead

partner, is the co-owner of Myers + Chang restau-

of volume to measure our recipes, and because whole

rant and Flour Bakery + Cafe. Prior to opening

grain flours tend to be more dense we had to really

Myers+Chang in 2007, he created and co-owned four

experiment with how much whole grain flour to use."

iconic and award-winning Boston area restaurants:
Rialto, Radius, Via Matta and Great Bay. Rialto and

Whole grain flour tends to be much more flavorful, she

Radius both earned rare four-star reviews for excel-

says, so you have to make sure the seasonings (mostly

lence from The Boston Globe, and all four received

salt and spices, at Flour) are complementary or not

Best New Restaurants of the Year awards from Esquire.

overpowered by a more flavorful flour. And texture can
be an issue. "We've been testing a whole grain choco-

Chang's energetic commitment to excellence extends

late cake and it's really chocolaty and rich and amazing,"

beyond the kitchen. She writes pastry articles and

she says, "but it does have a bit of a rough mouth feel

reviews cookbooks for Fine Cooking magazine. She

and we are going to start dipping into the whole grain

teaches classes and advises pastry cooks both within

pastry flours to see if that helps with texture."

the bakery and at area cooking schools. An avid
runner, she competed in every Boston Marathon from

The Flour team started testing some of these whole

1991 to 2006. She is the author of four cookbooks and

grain products as early as the beginning of last year.

is working on her fifth, "Pastry Love."

"It probably takes about one to two months on

Spearheading innovative projects like WHOLEflour

average to fully test out a product," Chang says. "Our

is a labor of love for Chang. "I love my staff. I have

teams are so excited to learn more about whole grain

had people who have been part of the team for over

baking, and our regular customers are appreciative of

10 years, and we are like a big crazy family. I get the

being able to incorporate more whole grains into their

majority of my job satisfaction in working with my

diets while still eating their Flour favorites. I have a

managers to guide them to be better leaders. It is my

container of WHOLEflour items in my bag at all times

responsibility to give them the tools that they need to

because I'm constantly testing and tasting them.

be great at their jobs and to be learning and growing

I love them."


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