bake - February 2018 - 21

"In 2018 we are looking forward
to start working with Maine
Grains for more interesting
flours and exploring more
ancient grains."
Joanne Chang, co-owner of Flour Bakery + Cafe

tools we've used to explain why we're launching this
initiative and what menu items are involved," she says.
"Newsletters have also been critical to that effort." 
In one of their most interesting and effective moves,
Chang is providing WHOLEflour samples to nearby
community yoga classes, aiming to work with other
fitness studios to promote this initiative as well.
"We have reached out to local and national media
outlets, as well as health and fitness bloggers with
large followings in the Boston area, who are helping
spread the word," she says. "What we want people to
take away from all the outreach is that WHOLEflour is
not about deprivation. In fact, it's about indulging in
the things your body actually craves - whole grains,
nuts, seeds, fruit and more! Eating whole grains
does even more for you than reducing salt, sugar
or trans fats - and these tasty pastries that have
drawn people to Flour for the past 17-plus years will
continue to taste amazing with whole grain flours like
whole wheat, spelt, khorasan and rye."
The science behind Flour's initiative
During the testing phase, Flour's bakers first swapped
about 50% of the flour to see how it affected the
product. From there, they realized a lot of items could
work with a full 100% swap for whole grain flour. Now,
anything marked as a WHOLEflour baked goods is
made with at least 50% whole grain flour. 
"Whole grain flours tend to absorb more moisture, so
as we were increasing whole grain flour in our baked
goods we were also adjusting moisture content," Chang
explains. "Also, a swap from an all-purpose flour to
Flour Bakery + Cafe is adding whole grains in many new and
interesting ways to baked goods, including double chocolate
cookies with 100% rye flour and breakfast cookies with ingredients including whole wheat flour, oats, bananas and maple syrup. | FEB 2018 > 21

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