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acclaimed Payard Patisserie and Bistro. Returning to

The new WHOLEflour line includes cookies, brownies and scones.

Boston a year later with dreams of opening her own
pastry shop, she brought her French and American

more ancient grains," Chang says. "We are also trying

training to Mistral where she served as pastry chef

to source more seeds and fruits we don't currently

until the summer of 2000.

use - ingredients that have a lot of color or that you
may not buy for yourself at home."

Today, at Flour, she remains as committed as ever to
bringing the most flavorful products to her customers

So far, the list of WHOLEflour products includes the

in new and interesting ways. Adding more whole


grains to sweet goods and pastries presented her

x Double chocolate cookie made with 100% rye flour

team with a unique challenge.

x Vegan carrot ginger muffin made with 100%

"We had some great grain flours in house already,"

x Apple snacking spice cake made with 100%

khorasan flour
Chang says. "We've tried simple 100% substitution of

khorasan flour

a whole grain flour for all purpose, which works for

x Breakfast cookie made with whole wheat flour,

some items like our brownie and the double choco-

pepitas, sunflower seeds, millet, flax seeds,

late cookie. And we're playing around with 50% whole
grains for items like our croissant and brioche."

coconut flakes, oats, bananas and maple syrup
x Brownie made with 100% spelt flour
x Whole wheat apple scone and currant oat spelt

Every item is tested and compared to the original
(for those items already on the Flour menu) in both

scone made with over 50% whole grain flour
x Updated trail mix to "commuter mix," which

blind and non-blind taste tests. They start with a small

includes pepitas, mulberries, goji berries,

batch and "if we like it, we slowly scale up to ensure

cashews, almonds and coconut flakes

it works in large batch production," she explains. "In
2018 we are looking forward to start working with

x Power bar made with cashews, chia, cherries,
maple, almonds and cacao nibs

Maine Grains for more interesting flours and exploring
"Later this month we're excited to release our whole
grain croissant, almond croissant and whole grain

"Today's consumer is
knowledgeable and curious
and opinionated about what
they eat and put in their bodies."
Joanne Chang, co-owner of Flour Bakery + Cafe

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sausage and cheese croissant, which will have whole
wheat flour, whole wheat mushroom brioche and
whole wheat cinnamon cream brioche," Chang says.
Spreading the word
Flour is employing a variety of communications tools
to articulate what's so exciting about WHOLEflour.
"Social media has been crucial. It's one of the main

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