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Award-winning baker Joanne Chang brings a
new level of commitment to whole grains.
Her effort to embrace whole grains in a big way

croissants and more began in January across all seven

started as a small menu change. Joanne Chang,

Flour Bakery locations.

Flour Bakery +

winner of the 2016 James Beard Award for

Cafe owner Joanne

Outstanding Baker and co-owner of Flour Bakery +

"Today's consumer is knowledgeable and curious

Chang has created

Cafe, a seven-store retail operation in Boston, sought

and opinionated about what they eat and put in their

an entire sub menu

to add a whole grain breakfast cookie and a muesli

bodies," Chang says. "Offering products with whole

of bakery items

to the menu, as well as update their double choco-

grains is hugely important. In the same way we've

that feature whole

late cookie with rye flour.

added vegan and gluten-free options to our menu,


now we have whole grain items and our guests appre"January is always a slow month for pastry (those

ciate these and benefit from them."

darn resolutions!), so we were also brainstorming
some healthy options to entice guests to keep

It's been 18 years since Chang opened her first Flour

coming to Flour," Chang says in an exclusive interview

in Boston's South End, featuring breakfast pastries,

with bake. "I started to do some in-depth research on

breads, cakes, cookies and tarts, as well as sand-

whole grains (since we were adding them to a few

wiches, soups and salads. Over the past decade, she's

items already) and learned a lot about how the

successfully opened bakery branches in almost every

simple addition of whole grains to your diet has huge

part of the metro area from Cambridge near MIT to

health benefits. This would not have worked had

Harvard Square and Back Bay.

the new whole grain options not been amazing, but
once we started down the path of making things with

Chang is part of a new breed of retail bakery owners

whole grains we found them to be more flavorful and

who came up through the restaurant industry. An

interesting and delicious. So, we decided to create a

honors graduate of Harvard College with a degree

sub menu of items that feature whole grains."

in Applied Mathematics and Economics, Chang left
a career as a management consultant to enter the

The end result is an innovative new project called

world of professional cooking, starting as garde-

WHOLEflour, ushering in a major commitment to

manger cook at Boston's renowned Biba restaurant.

whole grains by one of the most influential retail

In 1995, she became pastry chef at Rialto restaurant

bakeries in the country. The recent introduction of

in Cambridge and then moved to New York City in

the WHOLEflour line of cookies, brownies, scones,

1997 to work in the cake department of the critically | FEB 2018 > 19

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