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It seems like everyone is trying to revamp the classic French

Rocco Princi, founder of Princi, says, "Having worked side by

croissant, and now retail giant Starbucks is adding a new twist.

side with the team that Starbucks has assembled, I have seen
firsthand their talent as well as the attention they have given to

In January, Starbucks introduced the new Everything Croissant

ensuring that the fresh, authentic, handcrafted ingredients that

at its 15,000-plus retail locations in the United States.

define the Princi experience are being honored. I am excited
and humbled that the people of Seattle will now be able to

With the move, Starbucks continues to build out its fresh bak-

experience our food."

ery menu with more options and expand its retail brand within
the $8 billion bakery cafe arena.

The Everything Croissant is now available at Starbucks locations nationwide. It is not the only tasty croissant option at

In late 2017, Starbucks announced that it has opened its first

Starbucks. The chain also offers a butter croissant, chocolate

Princi bakery and café location in the United States at its Star-

croissant, almond croissant, and chocolate hazelnut croissant.

bucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle.
Just over a year ago, the world's largest coffee retailer became

products as its popularity increases. The latest addition from

a global licensee and investor in the Italian restaurant Princi, a

Starbucks takes what makes the bagel flavor great and has

boutique bakery and cafe founded by acclaimed artisan baker

added it to a new product. Everything seasoning consists

Rocco Princi in 1986. The move allows Starbucks to bake at

of sea salt, garlic, onion, caraway seeds, poppy seeds, and

store level for the first time ever. 

sesame seeds.

Princi will become the exclusive food offering in all new Star-

The new mashup from Starbucks starts with a classic buttery

bucks Reserve Roastery locations in Seattle, Shanghai (Decem-

croissant and adds three different cheeses (asiago, fontina, and

ber 2017), Milan (late 2018), New York, Tokyo, and Chicago.

gruyere). Finally, the croissant is topped with everything bagel
seasoning for a fresh and flavorful option.

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Everything bagel seasoning has made its way to a variety of

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